Friday, December 16, 2005

My Brush With Fame (sorta)

On Wednesday, my boss called me in a meeting she was already in with a couple of people from the Grants & Contracts office concerning space (i.e. how many rooms we have, square footage, who is in what room, purpose of room, etc.). I didn't want to go since I had already came in an hour late and had so much to do, but I kept my mouth shut since I was not in the mood to argue.

I walked in to the meeting and introduced myself to the individuals from G&C. Stuart and Anne are their names. However, there was something very familiar about Anne. Did I go to high school with person? College? Who is she? She look SO familiar. So the meeting continued and didn't think much more about Anne and where I may have seen her before. Two hours later, the meeting was over (finally!) and I went back to work.

On Thursday morning, I began thinking about Anne again. Since we have access to everybody's personnel info here at my job, I decided to do a little bit of research on Anne. Maybe her last name would jog my memory.

Suddenly, just like a lightbulb turning on. I knew where I've seen her! Anne was on the 5th season of Road Rules on MTV! Girl, shut up! What the hell is she doing in this God forsaken place I work at? Run, girl, run!

Anyway, if I knew that as soon as I met her, I wouldn't have been like those crazy fans/psychos that get all frazzled upon seeing a star. She is just another human being after all. Besides, those reality stars (for the most part) just want to be left alone.

Glad to have met you though. :)


Blogger a said...

hahah isnt it sad that you said the name anne and that she looked familiar and i automatically thought ohh snap shes prob anne from real world. . . .

i'm such an mtv junky. its sad.
i need an mtv methadone clinic, or something?

5:42 AM  

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