Saturday, June 04, 2005

I Have No Best Friend maybe the title is overdramatic.

What I meant to say is that my best friend has been demoted to just a "friend". Let me explain why.

She has this habit of attracting shit to herself. Not literally...figuratively, you silly rabbits! She's like a magnet that attracts metal. Now is she a poor soul has been rained on by Murphy's Law? Um, no, not exactly. She seeks it out. The complexity of this situation is so big to discuss in detail in this entry and besides, I don't want to bore anybody.

Let's just say that she has been through hell and is not back yet. Why is she not back? Because she's out there putting out fires and being a savior to everybody else around her FIRST before taking care of her own shit. And boy, does she have a lot to clean up in her own life before taking on other's crap! So who gets to hear it all and in turn be stressed about it? ME! Yep, little ole emotional vulnerable me. I'm like a sponge, sucking up everything that is said to me and then categorizing it into my many emotional states: anger, sadness, happiness, stress, etc. Well her stuff always stresses me out.

So is it bad of me to keep her at arm's length and demote her to friend status? I just feel like I have so much on my plate myself to listen to somebody else's pain and struggles. Or maybe I'm just an asshole.


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