Friday, June 16, 2006

Little Red Riding Hood is sick

My car (which I decided to name "Little Red Riding Hood") is in the car hospital. She has a hard time starting all the time, and shakes like a salt shaker when it's idling. So she has been at the hospital for the past 2 days and the mechanic is perplexed. He already replaced the ignition coil and fuel filter, but he can't find anything else wrong. I hope it's not the demise of LRRH. I really loved her. She's been there for me to get away from life when life is stinking pretty bad. She's been there when I made my ex-boyfriend Marine cry. (Oh yes....I made a grown-up Marine cry...shows how big of a bitch I can be!) She quickly navigated the streets of the greater Phoenix metro when I was trying to hide from the police when I was speeding (long story).

Emotionally and financially I am not ready for a new car. So will you all say a little prayer, light candles, whatever to make her feel better again?

Here's how she looks like. This is not her; just a picture of her identical twin I found online.


Blogger Michael Guy said...

:: Lighting a candle for LRRH ::

Hope she's up and runnin' soon.

YOU made a MARINE cry?! Now that's a skill set I want to learn :)

7:16 PM  

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