Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Take a Peek Inside My Mind at This Very Moment

I seriously need to go home and sleep.

I'm so bored I can scream. Same shit day in and day out at this job.

J and I got into a spat about conversations.

I get easily annoyed.

I wish I was on a plane to see J. 12 more days.

I have a "diva-like" attitude, according to, well, everybody.

I'm craving ice cream...chocolate chip cookie dough, please.

Scratch the ice cream thought.....I just saw myself in the mirror.

Note to self: lose weight to look like Lara Flynn Boyle.

Why are both my cars breaking down at the same time?

I love listening to this radio station.

I'm gonna go smoke a cig to pass the time now. :)


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