Friday, July 15, 2005

Geek Chic (?!?!?!)

As I type this, I'm seeing the whole hoopla regarding Harry Potter and the books on the TV news.

Some kids/adults are waiting in line dressed up as their favorite Harry Potter character.

About a month ago, the Star Wars craziness was in full swing. Also, some kids/adults dressed like their favorite Star Wars character.

Both Harry Potter and Star Wars fans wore the same thing....a big "L" on their foreheads.

(Yeah, I'm being a bitter bitch monthly "friend" has arrived.) ;)


Blogger a said...

i thought i was the only person who wasnt into harry potter. i have zero desire to read or watch any of it. and star wars, yikes. . .just as sketch.

geek chic titles it perfectly

11:34 AM  

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