Friday, July 07, 2006

Finally! A Day Off!

I have a much needed day off from work today. Last night I drank two sleeping pills in hopes that I could sleep in til at least 10 am. No such luck. As my baby left for work, he kissed me goodbye on the lips as I was still asleep (a la Sleeping Beauty), and woke me up as I was mumbling crazy shit about my dreams last night. He didn't say anything. How does one respond to a half-asleep fool talking gibberish about a nuclear missile striking a K-Mart in my old hometown while I desperately was searching for my car in the parking lot?

Speaking of my car, it is finally fixed! My wallet is $500 lighter, but Hallelujah, it's fixed! Turns out it was a fuel pressure regulator. I won't go into detail the mechanical details as to what a fuel pressure regulator does as the majority of my blog audience is either gay men or women. I'm a "one in a million" gay man as I am mechanically inclined....still a novice amongst the auto tech circles...but still know my way around an engine. If interested on the wonderful exciting life of the fuel pressure regulator, you can contact your local library or do a google search.

I seriously have a bad case of ADHD today as I'm just jumping from topic to topic. So let's get back on track...back to my day off. I'm taking Little Red Riding Hood to get her oil changed as I promised her I wouldn't let her get sick on me again. After that, God knows what I'm going to do. A day off is sometimes a curse as I get bored silly at home, but at the same time I don't want to go to work. Shopping is out of the question as I'm becoming very frugal with my money. Window shopping is such a tease....I don't do window shopping. It's like dangling a carrot in front of my nose with no chance of getting a taste of it. No thank you. So I guess I'll be a good housewife, come home and clean, watch "Days of Our Lives" or "The Bold and The Beautiful" while I eat Bonbons. Maybe catch some Oprah or Tyra Banks (HEY GIRLFRIENDS! *SNAP* *SNAP*)

But for now, off to porn surfing I go. Toodles! :)


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hahahah i love days of our lives!

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