Saturday, July 22, 2006

I don't know how to title this post. :)

Ugh! I just woke up after a long 12 hour beauty sleep, thanks to the wonderful invention of the sleeping pill. However, my obvious disatisfaction of this product (hence my "ugh!") is due to 1.) I can't seem to fully wake up when I take it and 2.) I have crazy ass dreams when I take sleeping pills. I mean, REALLY, crazy ass dreams that if I were to post them in my blog y'all be calling the local mental hospital right away! So I am not going to go there.

Brian is at work right now delivering freight for his job in 118 degree heat. Poor sweetheart. He doesn't complain either. He's one in a million I tell ya! Heart of gold and sexy to boot! :)

Little princess Robert, however, got to sleep in late and just sit his sorry ass in front of the computer drinking coffee with the AC blasting. Don't hate! Unlike Brian, I have to clean dirty bathrooms, do laundry, dust, mop, cook, etc. in our humble abode. I have to give props to the housewives of the world, especially my mother, who I never appreciate all that she did for us until now, now that I've become her.

It's noon my time, and I'm still here in my jammies surfing the internet for porn insightful intellectual articles. I really should get to my wife duties rather than dreaming of sexy hot guys pondering in deep thought everything that crosses my mind. One of the things I have thought about is to re-do my blog by changing the name and it's purpose. "The Gay Spot" is rather bland & generic, and not everything that happens in my life is gay related nor have a gay theme to it. I am always observing and thinking about life, sometimes overly so. So I thought about changing my site's title to "Life's Observations". Anything and everything that I see or think about would be posted here. I'm also not a very gifted writer like Jeff, Hot Toddy or Michael Guy. Shit, even my vocabulary is limited to a 4th grade level. I even thought about closing my blog altogether. The pressure of constantly being witty and write wonderful entries daily is always on my mind. But I have put over a year of time on this blog, pretty good for someone who always thinks about good shit, but never has the vocabulary or the energy to actually post it. By changing the focus to life's observations, I can write witty and sometimes strange one liners (or more if I'm in the mood) about life. Maybe one day when I'm older I can look back at all my entries and smile about all the crazy shit that crossed my mind. So we'll see...

For now, I must turn off this blasted time-consuming computer and actually get some real work done. Have a good weekend all. :)


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