Saturday, September 09, 2006

We're back.

Ok so we've been back for several days now. Never fails, when I take a vacation I always return hitting the ground running. Talk about a busy fast week. I'm finally catching my breath.

I was biting my nails on our way to visit and introducing Brian to my family. The drive itself was soggy as it was raining the whole way there thanks to the remnants of Hurricane John. Was the non-stop rain and cloudy skies as sign of what's to come? Turns out, it wasn't. The visit couldn't have gone more smoothly. Brian was cool, calm and collected while I was chatting up a storm trying to fill in any potential awkward silences. I'm sure everybody knew I was shitting bricks as I was Ms. Chatty Cathy the whole time. Or they thought I wanted to be the center of attention. Bottom line, Brian loved the family and the family loved him. So much so the family and Brian have been asking when we are going back for another visit. We shall see. For now, back to my boring life as an Accountant and housewife.


Blogger Steve said...

I'm glad all that worked out. It was pretty much the same senario when I took Chris home to meet my family, and it too went pretty well.

5:03 AM  

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