Sunday, January 29, 2006

Where Have You Been?!?!

You may be asking yourself that question.
Well, here's a quick rundown on what's been going on. I will go more in detail as soon as I get my vision back (see #3 below)
  1. Broke up with John, and decided to stay in Phoenix. We still keep in touch and are open to the idea of a future together. We just both need to figure out what we want. Long distance relationships suck'd think I would have learned from my first one.
  2. I am seeing someone new, someone who happens to be moving out here to Phoenix in a few months anyway. And I just happen to be here. Coincidence? I think not. Something or someone up above apparently has plans for me. His name is Brian...see pic below...ain't he H-O-T?
  3. I am seeing double. Started about two weeks ago, finally got my ass to the doctor, doctors are baffled, so I get to wear nerdy corrective lenses until they figure out what's up. Crazy shit!
  4. My apartment complex is converted to condos. Meaning I have to either buy my unit or a unit, or get the hell out. I guess I'll be getting the hell out.


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