Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Hi all...sorry I haven't been updating my blog lately. Being a career (wo)man and housewife sure takes up a lot of my time. I have done nothing but cook and clean since my baby has moved in with me.

I have also been in the middle of packing for our move to our new place next week. I would have him cook, clean and pack for me, but I'm such a control freak. My mentality about doing stuff is if you want stuff done to be done right, you got to do it yourself. But I'm worn thin! It also doesn't help that I haven't slept well since he moved in. See, we sleep on my bed, a full size bed. Brian is 6'4", 230lb man. So while he takes up most of the bed, I'm struggling not to fall over the edge.

When he moved out here to be with me, we left most of his stuff, including his king size bed, back in Kentucky because it was expensive for him to move it out here. We should be flying out in early June to get his stuff. Last night, I asked him very nicely if he wouldn't mind sleeping on the futon in the living room so that we can both have a good night sleep. Like a sweetheart that he is, he said "yes". He may be big and intimidating, but he has the most gentle sweetest hearts I have ever known. I'm so lucky!


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