Saturday, July 29, 2006

If I were a girl...

...I'd SO be rockin' this shirt.

From Gawker's website:

Whether you're making eyes on Broadway or stealing husbands in Southampton, you know you've got the goods: a great face, a killer body, and something irresistible hiding in your pants. Like Diana Bianchi, you're a hot piece of twat -- and you're not stopping at Peter Cook. So why not let the world know what kind of heat you're packing? With our new 100% cotton super soft shirt by American Apparel, you'll snare yourself a new job, a nice car, and a supermodel's husband in no time.

A co-worker when I used to work at American Eagle once asked, "Why is it when guys want to act or dress like girls, they do it in such a slutty way?" Good question. One for a philosophy course.


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