Saturday, August 20, 2005

A Love Story - Final Chapter

After Christmas and New Year's, it was back to the same old boring life here in Phoenix without my baby. It is torture for me to be without him, and during this period, it was the hardest time. Due to his work schedule, I wouldn't be able to see him until April at the earliest....3 months away. I contemplated breaking up with him due to this whole long-distance relationship being too hard for me. But once again, that was selfish on my part (something that I am working on).

April finally came and my sister was in town for a conference. John came down to visit the next day after my sister arrived...the two most important people in my life were together under my roof. I was on cloud nine. My sister and John got along great, and after her conference was done, she left a bit early to allow John and I some quiet alone time.

During this visit, everything finally cemented in our relationship. Meaning that all insecurities and any negative thoughts about us and the relationship finally disappeared. We were finally an old married couple. :)

John left and I was finally ok and oh so secure about us and everything. In July, it was my turn to visit him in Missouri and it was the best visit yet!!!! I now look forward to moving to Missouri and be with him forever in about two years (I have some stuff I have to work on in the meantime). By the way, John will be back during Labor Day weekend. YAAAY! :)

So without further ado, here's a picture of John and I:


Blogger a said...

how fucking cute.
that makes me want to be in a relationship.
im glad ur happy together.


8:12 PM  

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