Monday, August 08, 2005

A Love Story - Part Three

Soon after I got home from visiting John in September, I began to realize how much I missed him. I know, I know, I kept flip-flopping over my feelings for him. I've constantly had this problem with guys (and come to think of it, people in general). I have this "Come Here/Go Away" attitude with them. Like they are supposed to be there only when I feel like it.

So I was missing him like crazy, and couldn't wait to see him again. The next visit was Thanksgiving. He came down to visit me and had a "drama-free" time. Well, almost best friend who was cooking Thanksgiving dinner for us was having a horrible time with her boyfriend. After a huge fight at my apartment, her boyfriend ended up leaving. My first selfish thought: "Now who's gonna take out the 25lb turkey from the deep fryer???" Yep, we fried a turkey. One word...DELICIOUS!

So anyway, my friend's boyfriend came back after they reconciled on the phone. We had Thanksgiving dinner, although it was a bit awkward because of the tension between the two of them.

John couldn't stay very long as he was going to China for a business trip later on that week, so he left on the Sunday after Thanksgiving.

His China trip came and I was very very paranoid about him going there. See, we had both told each other about our past relationships/flings with other people, and his were mostly overseas during his business trips. He would make "dates" with people online about a week before he would go overseas and then hook up with them. He kept telling me through the course of our entire relationship that he would never cheat on me. Yeah, I heard that one about a million times from other guys and it wasn't true at all. So I had every right to be insecure and not trusting of him. You know what he told me that finally made me realize that he was telling me the truth? He told me not to judge him based on the actions of others. Which is true.

Christmas time came around and he was supposed to come back to visit me in Phoenix. At the very last minute (about 3 days prior to his visit) he called and told me that he can't go as he needs to be there for his mother due to her possibly having cancer and she needed to have that checked out. Looking back at it now, I was being very selfish as I still wanted him to come regardless. :( But I was heartbroken. All these thoughts filled my mind....was he trying to blow me off by lying about his mother?...will I not be able to see him until our next visit in March or April?....can I go out there last minute to be with him? I was just mentally exhausted thinking about all these things. After thinking about it and checking my finance situation and running it by my boss (who happens to be a good friend of mine), I decided to go out there and be with him. I need to be there for him since he's going to be there for his mother. Turns out the whole cancer thing was a false alarm (thank goodness) as the people at the hospital read the X-ray wrong. But being there for him through this crisis really bonded us even further.

Stay tuned for the final chapter of my love story. :)


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finish it already. u make this os hard for me.

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