Thursday, October 20, 2005

Letter to the Spammers Family

Dear Spammers,

Hi! How are you? Hope you are having a great day filling up peoples' email boxes full of shit just so that you can make some money. Kinda funny and sad what great lengths people will go to for the almighty dollar, huh? I bet I can probably offer money to some poor macho super-straight guy for a b.j., h.j., etc. and he would probably do it. Sad but true. But I digress...

I decided to write to you because I'm sick and tired of you posting your spam in my comments section. The comments section is only for witty people such as myself to pass the time and share with each other the happenings of our everyday lives. Not to be selling your crap or to talk about nothing but gibberish as if you have a bad case of schizophrenia.

So I am asking nicely to stop it before I enroll you in every single email subscription to "Hot Gay Guys In Leather....Panties" or "Fat Hairy Men Spanking Other Men On The Ass" as vengeance.

Have a great day!



Blogger a said...

hahah u can get them to turn it off . . . if you go to the blogger homepage. . . it gives you info on how to get rid of spam comments.

its the poop tho, for real.

10:01 PM  

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