Sunday, December 31, 2006


Update from the posting below. I didn't say anything to Brian regarding what I found hidden in his bathroom cabinet. Instead, I decided to do what I do a mind game. Let me elaborate. It was nothing but good old-fashioned guilt trip. I kept saying to him yesterday, "I'm so proud you are two months sober!" And, "I bet you feel great!" And, "I bet your parents are so proud of you!" And, "Don't forget to tell the people at AA that you have been sober two months!"

I also kept nagging reminding him to go to the noon AA meeting, which he did.

At this point, I am going to take it one day at a time and hope he does the same. I would feel guilty if I dropped him like a sack of bricks without at least giving the whole situation and relationship a shot. But rest assured, if it happens often I will leave him. As Michael Guy said, I have to save myself first.


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