Friday, January 05, 2007


Within the past 6 months or so, Brian and I (mainly me) have been thinking of moving. After the big housing boom of 2004/2005 in the Phoenix Metro area, we realized that we are priced out of the housing market. A home here now costs an average of $250K, twice as much as it did back when I moved here in 2003. The Phoenix area is also growing so fast that it's becoming a huge megalopolis similar to Chicago and L.A. Too much for me. Too scary for me (with more people it just means more crime).

So Brian and I have been thinking of places to move to. I still want to live in a city because of what a city has to offer, but not too big. We thought about Nashville. Too "country" for me. Besides I probably would be the only brown person there. Denver? Too cold. After spending sometime researching and reading a Money Magazine article of the best/cheapest markets for homes, Dallas/Ft. Worth seems to be the winner. It's big, yes, but not too big and it's definitely spread out. Houses? About $120K for a moderate home, $200K for a lake view home. All with at least a 1/4 acre and a two car garage. Not too mention that DFW has a fabu gay culture.

This is all in the preliminary stages. We probably won't move any time soon, especially since I want to add several more years under my professional career belt that will look kick ass on my resume. Also, Brian just moved here not even a year ago. I would feel bad to uproot him so soon. But we seem to be in agreement that this is what we want. We shall see.


Blogger Ur-spo said...

indeed we shall see.
I don't know anything about Texas, but they seem to have quite the extremes in weather each season.

8:16 PM  
Blogger Daniel, the Guy in the Desert said...

Dallas is a lot like Houston, but Fort Worth is an awesome place to live. Very relaxed, but with everything that a large urban center affords. I went to Grad school there, at TCU. It's one of the few larger cities I would actually look forward to.
Happy New Year, by the way, even if I'm inexcusably late.

1:19 AM  

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